Goa – Chilling like a villain

sara sunset

Our journey to Goa was long, mad and eventful. Two consecutive sleepers trains and a long wait in a very hot and humid Mumbai with a sick Jimmy was an experience we will never forget. Our first sleeper train was delayed by two hours not unusual in India apparently… The first train from Udaipur to Mumbai took 17 hours with an 8 hour wait till the next 10 hour train to Goa.  After 35 hours travelling arriving to Goa was like arriving to heaven.


Jimmy had taken ill overnight on the train and Sara set herself the task of finding a comfortable environment for him to try to recover. Fortunately after a little stroll around the station Sara came across an air-conditioned waiting room where Jimmy could lie down for a while despite cockroaches using him as a playground. The peace didn’t last too long though as the waiting room soon filled up with Indian families.

[Unfortunately due to the circumstances we don’t have many photos of this journey]

After what felt like a life time we finally boarded our train to Goa and Jimmy thought he was feeling a little better. We were lucky enough to be on bottom beds this time so Sara could look after him. Sometime during the night Jimmy suddenly awoke from his sleep knowing what was coming he rushed to the toilet, an Indian style toilet. This was his first time using an Indian toilet in a situation like this and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. He took off his body wallet placed it on the side and had his trousers round one leg squatting over the hole in the ground. All hell let loose out both ends!

After cleaning himself up and returning to bed feeling worse for wear he woke again during the night and noticed his body wallet that contained his passport, driving license, credit cards and money wasn’t there! Shitting himself [mentally this time] he ran to the toilet expecting the worse but to his surprise his body wallet was still there! He took a look inside. Passport? Check! All cards? Check! Money? Check! He returned to bed feeling like the luckiest man alive and I suppose he was but once we arrived in Goa we realized that 4000 rupees [£40] were missing. We came to the conclusion that it was better being £40 down than losing everything so I guess Jimmy was the luckiest man alive in some way or another!


We went directly to Cockstown on Arambol beach as we had been recommended it by a couple of friends. Arambol beach is situated in the North of Goa, lined with bars, restaurants and beach huts. We had planned to stay chilling for a couple of days but ten days later we were still there! We felt very comfortable in Cockstown, there was a good vibe about it and the guys who work there looked after us. Being so close to the beach with the reggae pumping all day, drinks and cheap sea food if we required it made it hard for us to leave.




We spent most of our days lazing about sunbathing drinking lemonana [pretty much a mojito without the rum] and enjoying the Goa lifestyle. You can take a nice stroll along to the sweet lake which is  next to the beach, half an hours walk from the main beach. Close by you can get a natural body scrub if you go through the bushes to the left of the lake, you will see people emerging from the bushes covered in white stuff… just ask directions. We didn’t really do much else here because Jimmy didn’t feel comfortable driving a scooter on the roads in India but if you think you’re up to it you should because apparently there are other beautiful beaches near by.

Here are some photos to make up for the lack of stories hehe!

We had to drag ourselves away from Arambol with tears in our eyes as we had a project in Kerala to attend…

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